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General Terms: Users & Rewards

Kindly read general terms of Rewards scheme under Tourism-ID. When you tick the acceptance box, you are deemed to have read and agree with all terms of participation of the program and terms of rewards received.

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General User Terms
1. Tourism-ID program is intended for active personnel in travel & tourism sectors only.
2. The administrator reserves the right to decline any registrations without notification when there is insufficient
    credential or when an application represents a conflict of interest.
3. Users are also subject to the terms and conditions of rates and offers of sellers when bookings are made. 
4. All approved users are responsible for providing accurate information as required during booking and including
    personal payment. Failure to do so may result in the bookings cancelled and privileges revoked.

5.  Users must always be present during consumption of bookings.
6.  Users must present their e-membership card if requested by seller or operator.
7.  Users must not share their log in credentials to any third party. 

Reward Terms
1. Prizes are non transferable and not exchangeable for cash.
2. Prizes carry expiry dates and cannot be renewed.
3. Use of prizes are subject to availability and further terms specified by sponsor as stated in the prize letter.

4. No refund of any unused portion or unused value of the prize.
5. Prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or offers unless prior approved by
    administrator or the sponsor.
6. Prizes awarded are at discretion of administrator or sponsor and are final.

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Cash Wallet
1. Cash Wallets are subject to availability by countries.
2. Balance in cash wallet is non-interest bearing and cannot be cashed out.
3. Cash top-up when issued may carry expiry dates.
4. Cash top-up by sponsors may carry additional restrictions of use and expiry. 
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